Anima + Sarah - Engagement Session


When Anima, Sarah, and I met for the first time over a pot of tea at the Steeping Room, I knew we’d be a good fit for each other.  Anima and Sarah are both PhD students at the University of Texas, who, when they are not busy with their studies, are likely on a bike or off hiking through the Colorado Rockies together (or at least that’s where they were this past August).

Anima and Sarah suggested Bull Creek Park as a location for their engagement shoot and I couldn’t have picked a better setting for this adventurous couple. We met up on a gray day in October and together explored some of the park's best nooks and crannies, taking photos as we went. Anima and Sarah's contagious smiles and comfortable laughter made my job easy.

I cannot wait for their wedding this May at Barr Mansion!